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Our Association has been founded in 2000 for all those – regardless of  age, sex and level of experience – who are interested in calligraphy and/or want to learn how to write beautifully and vividly.

We want to gather all calligraphy and letter art enthusiasts to cooperate. Further we want to create connections to other calligraphy and art related associations and people both in Finland and abroad. Our aim is to develop and maintain calligraphy activities and sustain the high level of calligraphy, as well as to increase the awareness of the variety of calligraphy.

The membership brings you many benefits – please read more of them here! Welcome to our Association!

Calligraphy or penmanship is an art form with a long history and a great cultural importance. The word “calligraphy” originates from  the Ancient Greek word  καλλιγραφία (κάλλος ‘beauty’ and γράφειν ‘to write’).