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By becoming a member of the Calligraphy Society of Finland you join an ever growing crowd of Finnish calligraphers. The only requirement for joining is an interest to calligraphy.

The Society arranges contests and exhibitions, and keeps you up to date in our quarterly magazine and lewsletters. As a member you are also entitled to different benefits, like discount prices for art supplies.

How to Join

Fill the membership form and pay the mambership fee to our Society’s bank account: Liedon Osuuspankki, FI88 4713 1020 0604 38

When paying the membership fee please remember to write your contact information in the details (name, home address, email address, phone number and “Membership Fee [year]”). After the membership fee has been paid you will receive your membership card via email.

Join us by filling in the form below!

    Jäsenyys (pakollinen)
    FIN-jäsen 39 € (sisältää Sulkasen lähetyskulut Suomessa)EU-jäsen 49€ (sisältää Sulkasen lähetyskulut Euroopassa)OVERSEAS-jäsen 65€ (sisältää lähetyskulut)Kannatusjäsen 50 €

    Membership benefits

    • Coultural magazine Sulkanen, four volumes. Sulkanen is a high quality calligraphy magazine produced by the Calligraphy Society of Finland.
    • Musteläiskä is a monthly email newsletter, that keeps you up to date with the latest courses, workshops, exhibitions, events and the world of calligraphy.
    • A course fee discount for Calligraphy days
    • A possibility to participate to the Society’s exhibitions
    • A possibility to advertise an exhibition, workshop or a course in Sulkanen for 30€ fee (size 1/4 pages)
    • Discounts of calligraphy supplies from selected stores

    Membership fee

    FIN-member: 36€ (includes postage fees of Sulkanen in Finland)

    EU-member: 45€ (includes postage fees of Sulkanen in Europe)

    OVERSEAS-member: 55€ (includes postage fees of Sulkanen)

    Support-member: 50€

    Company member: 200€ (includes 4 volumes of Sulkanen and one (1/4 pages) advert in Sulkanen)

    Continuing a membership

    Pay the membership fee not later than 31.1. of the concerned year into the Society’s bank account FI88 4713 1020 0604 38 to get all of the Sulkanen-volumes. Please write your name, “Membership fee [year], and your possibly changed contact details. After the membership fee has been paid you will receive your membership card via email.

    Master Calligrapher

    The aim of our Society is to promote and maintain a high standard of calligraphy in Finland as well as to raise awareness of the enjoyment of calligraphy through exhibitions and other activities. We encourage our members to develop their creativity and calligraphic skills.

    Those recognised by his or her associates to be on a high professional level of calligraphy are invited to apply for the honorary title of Master Calligrapher of the Calligraphy Society of Finland (Suomen Kalligrafiayhdistys ry).

    A Master Calligrapher is an experienced calligrapher and an active member of our Society; he or she participates in the selection of future Master Calligraphers, acts in task forces of the Society, promotes the high standard of calligraphy and inspires those new to calligraphy.

    For more information on the requirements and how to apply please contact puheenjohtaja(at)