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Calligraphy Days

Calligraphy Days are arranged annually by the Finnish Calligraphy Society to bring together everyone that is interested in beautiful writing. There are usually a range of 3 to 5 workshops and teaching is provided to everyone, irrespective of their skill level.

Calligraphy Days 2024 will be held from Thursday, June 6 to Sunday, June 9. in cooperation with Etelä-Pohjanmaan Opisto (South Ostrobothnia Folk High School) in Ilmajoki. 

Etelä-Pohjanmaan Opisto is situated in the western part of Finland in the Address: Opistontie 111, FI-60800 ILMAJOKI. The nearest bigger cities are Seinäjoki and Vaasa. Ilmajoki can be reached easily from all directions by car or public transport.

Many members had expressed their wish to have an event longer than a weekend and now it was possible to arrange this.

Etelä-Pohjanmaan Opisto is one of the oldest and biggest Folk High Schools in Finland.
You can get more information of the school in here:

Calligraphy Days 2024 provide a variety of 5 different workshops, from which you can choose one.

Registration is now open. Please click the following link to register.

Pointed pen nibs and Copperplate script are my passion, and I want to share my knowledge and skills with you. I firmly believe that the free use of a line formed with a pointed pen nib gives the Copperplate style life and elegance. I want to help everyone to master this beautiful calligraphy style. My latest book, “Flourish”, gives you a more detailed look at the Copperplate writing style and floral decoration. 

Learner level: to all
Number of students: about 25
Language: Finnish and/or English

You now have a unique opportunity to learn to know the Copperplate writing style in this workshop. The variation of thin and thick strokes is characteristic for this elegant style. During the workshop you will learn, how to get started. We will go through all the necessary tools and materials. You will get detailed instructions for each lowercase and uppercase letter, as well as how to combine them to form words. I want to share with you an experience that transformed my calligraphic art life enormously. It was the moment as I learned, how to draw flowers with pointed pen nibs. I would not have believed it that I could draw anything so beautiful and simple, even though I had studied in an Art school. I would like to invite you too to have fun by sharing beautiful, decorative flowers. I know that you will be amazed of the beauty that you are able to create yourself, just like I was. You can see that the possibilities are endless for these wonderful decorating inspirations.

I am an artist who has been creating and teaching illuminated manuscripts for 33 years. I am formally trained as a high School Art teacher and taught school students for 4 years before I launched my career as an artist. I now create illuminations and heraldic artwork for clients all over the world.

I am a calligrapher and calligraphy teacher. I graduated as a calligrapher in 2014 from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. After that, I have taught calligraphy in many different places in Finland and nowadays I am focused specifically on teaching. I enjoy reading and exercising.

Lerner level: to all
Amount of students: max 20 students/teacher
Language: Tania English, Pauliina Finnish and/or English
Participants: in two groups and exchange halfway through the course

Aim: Learn the strokes and forms of the humanist script and capitals in the style of Bartolomeo Sanvito along with Italian Renaissance style decoration.

Students will study examples of manuscript pages from the Italian Renaissance. Using the instructions given by Tania, create a decorated versal and border in this style. Study and learn how to create the Humanist script made famous by
the Renaissance scribe, Bartolomeo Sanvito. Students will learn how to create an Italian Renaissance manuscript
style page with calligraphy and a decorated versal and border.

I am a passionate calligraphy writer and nowadays also a calligraphy teacher. I started my texting hobby in 1991 in Vantaa and visited many courses given by different teachers. The busy years in my life left the hobby to Christmas – and Birthday Card -level for years, until in autumn 2015 I took part in a class, where we wrote Italic style with permanent markers. And I got inspired again. My friends asked me to teach the calligraphic writing to them as well, and so I started the Calligraphy teaching in the Vantaa Folk High School in the Spring term 2016. I have given lessons in Calligraphy in several Folk High Schools in Helsinki area and surroundings, and nowadays I’m teaching both in Vantaa and Nurmijärvi. A part of my classes are net online courses one week and classroom courses the next week. In spring 2023 I finished my four-year basic studies in visual Arts. The studies included various areas of the Visual Art expression. I started the basic studies of Calligraphy arranged by the Finnish Calligraphy Society in autumn 2021, and they are still ongoing. I have attended various Calligraphy Courses tutored by the following teachers and more: Marika Koskimäki, Teija Tiilimäki, Marina Soria, Pauliina Yliniitty, Terhi Hursti and Annikki Rigendinger.

Especially during the Covid-19 years I have taken part in net online courses of many international Calligraphers: Paul Antonio, Carol DuBosch, Julie Wildman, Amity Parks, Gemma Black, Marta Mapelli, Sachin Shah, Ann Mason, Irene Kirchner, Veiko Kespersaks and Gertrud Ziegelmeier. I teach mainly in Finnish, but I have also had foreign students, whom I have teached in English.

Learner level: Previous Experience in Calligraphy might help your learning, but also the Fresh Starters are most welcome
Quantity of students: max. 12
Language: Finnish and/or English

Description of the Class:
This airy and delightful Italic-based Calligraphic writing of an Indian engineer – Calligrapher Sachin Shah has charmed thousands of people around the world. I was studying this beautiful, although not very easy, style in his net online course in spring 2022. Not any basic scribble! Written with a flexible pointed nib pen this clear and great style will leave space for your own personal choices and for developing your own style. We will gradually learn the technique needed for the pointed nib pen, and our writing will get more fluent. We will learn, how to write lowercase and uppercase letters and will write texts.

Learn more about Marika:
Instagram: @marikakk_lettering
Facebook: Marika KK Art

The Theme of the workshop:  Letters on the wall – Calligraphy in interior art design
Learner level: to all
Quantity of participants: max. 16
Language: Finnish and/or English
More details about the workshop:

Interior Design Calligraphy will take the participants beyond basic paper and pen, creating art by using letters and strokes. You don’t need any previous experience of creating art, this workshop is for everyone. We will start by making different kinds of easy exercises but also inspiring and challenging exercises and continue by practicing two different basic calligraphy styles and perform experiments with colour and materials. This will unlock the creativity in you and everyone will get at least one interior design product finished; whether it be your own fabric, a sign, a text on the wall, a painting to be hanged on a wall, or a piece of installation art with your own letters and text. Marika has plenty of ideas for you to choose from, or you can start your own project. After registration you will get a more precise list of materials needed and also an inspiration list: “what to bring with me”.  (will arrive well before the event starts).